WROCŁAW: No pain no game

Nobody has seen it before! An exhibition of contemporary art that can be both seen and felt. Totally unprecedented, No pain No game has been created by Volker Morawe and Tilman Reiff–the artistic duo known as //////////fur////. The featured installations are the end result of more than 15 years of authors’ artistic collaboration and have already been displayed in Berlin, Frankfurt, ...


TRICITY I POZNAŃ I KRAKÓW I WROCŁAW: The Top 10 Restaurants (not only) for Valentine’s Day!

Dreaming of taking your loved one to a unique dinner where candlelight and pink hearts do not play the first fiddle? Look at our guide to find out how to surprise you second half–not only on Valentine’s Day. You can take your beloved to one of these places every other day–after all, the powerful need to express our feelings never ebbs away, does it? With this in mind–eat...


POZNAŃ: KWIATY&MIUT. Simply the best flower store in the city!

Łukasz and Radek welcome me the way they usually do – in their studio – by a large table where, just like on a flower bed, there’s lots of things going on. Firstly, we need to select and order flower pots. Secondly – a new flower project for one of the restaurants needs talking through and, last but not least, someone has to collect bouquet orders. Luckily, somewhere bet...


KRAKÓW: The logic of the local. Norwegian and polish contemporary design

What the Polish and Norwegian Culture have in common? Curators of the exhibition in International Cultural Centre Gallery in Krakow decided to answer this question by design. Nearly 100 works of contemporary designers from Poland and Norway proves that the common notion of both cultures is a locality: learning from the tradition and crafts as well as idea of o...


Coffee map of KRAKÓW

El café, kawa, Kaffee…coffee. A day without a morning coffee is like Paris without the Eiffel Tower, Vatican without the Pope, and Kraków without the Main Square. The truth is… there’s no life without this dark matter. Yet, these days, it is easy to get lost in the coffee world. Is classic espresso no longer in vogue? Is latte passé? Is it true that, now...


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