PURO Inspirations: Merry Xmas!

It’s the time of the year to wish you a Merry Christmas spent with your loved ones in a blissful atmosphere. Celebrate these special days slowly–enjoy the small things and keep yourselves warm with the warmth of a glowing candlelight and each other’s presence. Let the Christmas magic make this time unforgettable. Merry Christmas!       &n...


PURO Inspirations: Polish design all year long

Polish design could not be better–we have been witnessing the emergence of more and more well-designed, functional, and aesthetic products–perfect for each and every household. As always, the PURO magazine editorial team has been diligently observing all the goings-on in the Polish design market. Unsurprisingly, we could not help ourselves but to attend the event that celebrates Pol...


PURO Travels: Understanding Japan

After a twenty-hour flight I set my foot in Tokyo for the very first time. When I got off a bus in Edogawa I saw the city that immediately took me out of my comfort zone. What hit me was the air that smelled unfamiliar, the unknown architecture, and the fact that I couldn’t decipher anything I read. During these two weeks in Japan I experienced what it feels like to patiently learn the wo...


PURO Inspirations: Hygge

It’s this time of the year when autumn evenings are long, the sun quickly sinks below the horizon and the last golden leaves fall softly onto the ground. Are you feeling low spirited? If you do, Danes know the perfect panacea. Brew an aromatic tea, open a quality wine, light the candles, have friends over and immerse yourself in the warmth and comfort of home. Hygge is the Danish art of h...


PURO Inspirations: LOUS. Back to the roots. Are you?

Martin Heidegger, a prominent German philosopher, once said that roots are hidden behind beginnings. The ROOTS collection by the Polish brand LOUS explores our system of “root growing”. Just like plants grow roots in order to live, people live in the context of their own history and environment. What inspired LOUS designers in their exploration of the subject of identity was th...


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