PURO Mood for Food: Vegetable orchestra

Suddenly, summer has changed into fall. The smell of cabbage soup pervades the air. The drizzle feels as if it never wanted to stop. It too smells of cabbage. On the one hand, this autumnal, seemingly banal vegetable soup becomes a metaphor of a subtle drizzle. On the other, it is a liquid that warms the insides of soaked passers-by, who, following a grayish and overcooked carpet of aromas, dec...


PURO Mood for Movie: A movie is to provide an experience

Starting from October, aKINO – the international movie project – will enter Polish movie theaters after a three-month break. Launched in May, the project is dedicated to children and young people of different ages. The key aim of aKino is to promote worthwhile cinema and encourage audiences to engage themselves in creative and prosocial activities. I know that, each month, the initi...


PURO MOOD for FOOD: Less is more

An article on minimalism should limit itself – to a few words, perhaps to silence. Silence, calmness and stillness would be the most appropriate means of describing this trend in art, but I – obliged to write a column – render at least a minimal account of minimalism, avoiding adornment. In theory and practice. A distinctive feature of the minimalist trend is that it has be...


PURO MOOD FOR BOOKS: Beautiful details

Our collection of books and albums is growing all the time. We simply can’t take our eyes off the new and inspirational treasures that have recently appeared on our shelves and tables! Visit the PURO Hotel Poznan lobby for a fresh dose of inspiration – page-turners and refreshing drinks will be waiting for you!   Eames: Beautiful Details Details (and pleasures!) are im...


PURO MOOD for FOOD: Sometimes apple is just an apple

I follow Yoko Ono on Instagram. What she’s posted recently is a photo of her in a restaurant to which she went with a friend after having been down with a terrible flu for a long time. As she says, she could finally go out to eat something refreshing, but what we see in front of her is just a glass of water. I’ve always been wondering what an artist such as Ono – using food on...


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