Happy New Year 2017 from the PURO Mag Team!

Our reality revolves around text files, photos, travels, and hectoliters of coffee. Each of us gives a piece of themselves to make PURO Magazine a source of inspiration, information, and visual pleasure for you to relish. We usually stay in the shadows, but today we are making an exception. After all, it is the advent of a new year, a perfect time to sum up and reflect on the events of the past twelve months and take a New Year’s selfie! See who we are and what we’d love to wish each of you. May 2017 be the way you dream it to be!




Agata Kiedrowicz, PURO Magazine editor-in-chief

I wish you courage to be who you want to be, for it always leads to happiness, not only yours, but also of those around you. Keep acting and changing! Be good to yourselves, give yourselves time and attention. Also, give yourselves presents everyday, remembering the words of agent Cooper from legendary Twin Peaks: “Every day, once a day, give yourself a present. Don’t plan it. Don’t wait for it. Just let it happen”. Even if it’s just “a damn cup of coffee”.




Anna Królikiewicz, visual artist, lecturer, PURO columnist

I wish you a promising New Year; may it fulfill its promises! Always carry Christmas Eve carp scales in your wallets (according to an old custom)–let them be a magnet for wealth! Shoals of wealth!




Kasia Pilitowska, journalist and manager of cultural life in Kraków

The most important thing is to be together with people we love, to sit with them around a table, and enjoy their presence and good food. That’s what happiness stands for! And that’s what I wish you in the upcoming year!



Zuza Mielczarek, designer, PURO correspondent from Rotterdam and the world

May the sun be as invigorating as it is in December and may the treasures be unique every day! A herring bathed in sunlight proudly looks into the future from the oldest object in my house–a 19th century plate once owned by my great-grandmother Irena Cichowska Korwin-Kamienska from Mogilev.



Asia Flisek, “our woman” in Wrocław, journalist

I wish you find time for simple pleasures, long walks with no specific destination, conversations with friends, and admiration of trivial things. At times, let your lives be frivolous and lightweight.




Marcin Markowicz, irreplaceable PURO translator, lover and teacher of American literature

Let 2017 be slow :) Be healthy, free, and happy. With whoever and however you want. May inspiring people and beautiful objects surround you every step of the way. Love and be loved. Find your own pace and your own path. Keep achieving! Create, teach, learn, smile, and make people smile!




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