Curating: Expect the Unexpected – The Contemporary Layers of Krakow Installation will open next week!

PURO Krakow becomes the second in the PURO series, and holds a style all of its own. To celebrate its unique atmosphere, a curated selection of objects and artworks has been developed to allow a fresh and unforgettable sense of discovery throughout the public spaces and guest rooms. Inspired by Krakow, a historical city with layers of contemporary culture creating a unique blend of old and new, the pieces ask guests to expect the unexpected. 

The reinterpretation of the city gives an inspiring journey for guests, whilst also showcasing some of the exciting up and coming Polish artists. Here they are displayed alongside celebrated international artists, and vintage Polish objects creating an intriguing dialogue that represents this exciting and inspiring city. 

Stay tuned to find out more about the PURO Krakow art collection featuring bespoke, commissioned and limited edition pieces.



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