Experience PURO! #purohotels Photo Contest

PURO hotels are full of inspirations emanating from sophisticated details, soft fabrics, the creative atmosphere of the lobby and the coziness of hotel bed pillows…You are the co-creator of the PURO experience, so if you feel like you can’t resist…grab your phone and let us know how you feel inside the walls of PURO! All you need to do is snap a photo and post it on Instagram using special tags…Our jury will choose one winner every month – if your photo is the lucky one, it may win you a stay at one of PURO hotels!

Here you can get a more detailed information on how to enter the contest (it’s ridiculously easy :) )

Our very first photo of the month is already here! @atakatat shared her PURO Gdańsk experience:  



And there are the other photographs: 



See you at @purohotels




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