Fashion in Trójmiasto. ZUO CORP!

Centrum Designu Gdynia has been flourishing in the Pomeranian city of Gdynia, integrating design and fashion. Right after the vigorous celebration of the center’s third birthday devoted mainly to typography and the “city typoactivism” the time comes for the cycle of meetings dedicated to fashion.

The first meeting of the cycle will be hosted by an unusual duo – ZUO CORP, a brand present in the Polish market for several years now, proposing a fresh, authorial vision of creating and communicating fashion. They’ve just opened their flagship boutique in Warsaw and introduced new product lines. Each of them reflects quality, the uniformity of vision and care for details. Bartek Michalec, one of the creators of ZUO CORP, is considered one of Poland’s greatest young designers. Together with Łukasz Laskowski and a new image of the brand, they’ve made a perfect comeback.

During the meeting in Gdynia, creators of ZUO CORP will answer all the questions that have been bothering those who work in fashion for years. However, in the world of Polish fashion, fashion that struggles to create its identity and quality, such questions should be asked on everyday basis. That would certainly help with finding the answers.

How to create a fashion brand that would survive 3 years in the market? How to reconcile the artistic vision with commercial requirements? Bartek and Łukasz are going to give answers to these and many more questions. Everyone who is working and specializing in fashion is invited to the meeting: designers, professionals and amateurs alike, journalists, bloggers, PR agents, entrepreneurs. Everyone, who wants to get the knowledge about fashion and popularize it.

Watch the interview with the designers to become even more encouraged.

This Wednesday, on December 3, in Centrum Designu Gdynia. Fashionistas, Trójmiasto is waiting!


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