Five Best Spring Cocktails

Enjoy this spring with a refreshing cocktail! Invigorate your evening with one of our five favourites.

No. 1: Dystrykt One Special
This PURO special and favorite of the locals uses superior bison vodka for a unique flavor. 
Zubrowka - bison vodka, apple juice, lime, mint

No. 2: Rhubarb Mojitos
A new take on the classic mojito, this cocktail has been rejuvenated with the additionof rhubarb and nutmeg, making it tart yet distinctive.
White rum, rhubarb syrup, mint, lime, nutmeg

No. 3: Satsuma and Pomegranate Campari
Sweet with a bitter undertone, this Campari cocktail gives a lovely refresher after a long day at the office.
Campari, satsuma, pomegranate juice, sugar syrup

No. 4: Mint Lemonade with Rum
Simple yet delicious, the combination of a superior rum with lemonade and mint makes the perfect spring cocktail.
Dark rum, lemonade, mint

No. 5: Blackberry & Mint Julep
A refreshing alternative to a classic julep, this version includes blackberries for a light fruity kick on a warm spring day.
Bourbon, blackberries, sugar, mint


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