GDYNIA DESIGN DAYS 2015: Catch a city in NETS!

This year, Gdynia lets itself be caught in design NETS. A net of micro- and macro-scale city-forming relations has become a base for deliberations on design, the results of which will be presented during Gdynia Design Days. Curators’ interpretations as well as active discussions with city residents and specialists in various fields will provide us with a better, creative understanding of this year’s main theme – “NETS”. The aim is not to come up with what’s momentary and ephemeral, but with real and feasible solutions. Prototypes created in response to this year’s festival’s main theme will be presented in July during Gdynia Design Days.



A city may be successfully compared to a net of neurons in which dendrites stand for streets while synapses symbolize city squares. Just like an inappropriate functioning of neurons may cause damage to a human brain, a bad quality public space may contribute to the rise of conflicts, aggression or even to a destruction of social bonds.




Living in a designed, and in a way, well-ordered space exerts an invaluable impact on everyday mood and comfort of city residents and users of a particular urban place. The forming and nurturing of relations is the most crucial factor contributing to the formation of a community. It is the mutual understanding, or lack of it, that determines the life quality of those sharing the same city, district or yard.


A city is also understood as a virtual space – the space that affects the city’s real shape. Facebook and Instagram, but also Internet chats and forums stand as contemporary equivalents of the agora. Mobile technologies facilitate the way we move in an urban network, and help us find what we need in a flash, e.g., information on Gdynia’s modernist architecture.


The theme “NETS” (Polish: “SIECI”) evokes the associations with the fishing and port history of Gdynia. Drawing on tradition and experiences of local communities has been part of design deliberations during each edition of Gdynia Design Days.


During the festival, there will be lots of attractions: exhibitions, lectures, workshops, installations.




The substantive part of the program of Gdynia Design Days 2015 has been worked on by Grupa Razy 2, Agnieszka Jacobson-Cielecka, Marian Misiak, Atelier Starzak-Strębicki, Ewa Janczukowicz-Cichosz and others. The project of the Design Terminal will be prepared by None Grupa and Interurban. Grupa Razy 2 is the curator of the main exhibition “SIECI” that aims at creating solutions deeply rooted in the city’s context and tailored to Gdynia’s particular conditions. The solutions will pertain to the improvement, strengthening, and at times rebuilding of a net of relations and collaborations between residents. A crucial aspect of created prototypes lies in their subsequent implementation into Gdynia’s urban tissue. The interpretation of the main theme has been left open to designers from the whole Poland. There are some new elements featuring in this year’s program, e.g., a walk around Gdynia and the combination of two main festival’s locations. The majority of events – exhibitions, workshops, and meetings (among others) will take place in the area of Pomeranian Science and Technology Park in Gdynia.


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