Gdynia Design Days: Retrieved

This year, while the city of Gdynia celebrates its 90th birthday, the Gdynia Design Days festival launches its 9th edition. On hearing the motto RETRIEVED, inhabitants of the city, design enthusiasts, designers and young entrepreneurs will embark on a journey to the past in search of inspiration to build the future.

Making use of the charms of the seaside and the values of the port city, GDD once again becomes a summer platform for exchanging thoughts and a place of inspirational meetings for the design industry and its enthusiasts alike. The program of the festival is brimming with workshops, lectures and exhibitions – a well-designed strategies, services and processes will be presented next to the already-made products. Ahoy and to the seaside!


RETRIEVED – the motto of this year’s edition

The motto refers to the history of Gdynia, the city celebrating its 90th birthday this year. In 1926, Poland gained access to the sea, but today we don’t think of our motherland as a maritime country. But we do want it and that’s why we desire to retrieve this connection with the sea, not as much in a geographical sense as a mental one. We aim for retrieving the Baltic neighborhood as well as a local identity, awareness and memory. At the same time, in connection with the sea, we will be moving towards restoring the balance while discussing what’s wise, ecological and responsible.



The main exhibition - Retrieved

The depths of the sea, explored to a very small degree, remain largely undiscovered by designers and scientists. Hence, the point of departure for the exhibition is a question how we can get to know the sea better, so that we can use its sources in a smart and environmentally-friendly way. The presented collection of works coming from international design and architecture studios, companies and organizations shows the diversity of ways to approach the question.

Curator: Izabela Bołoz



MANUBA – Retrieved Craft

This year, GDD will be the first festival in Poland as part of which a series of designer furniture and accessories will be produced and put up for sale during the event. The products will be made by young Polish designers working in cooperation with local craftspeople from Pomerania under the shared brand MANUBA Kolekcja GDD [MANUBA GDD Collection]. Thanks to modern reinterpretations of handicraft methods, the viewers will have a chance to get to know, e.g., a centuries-old history of the Necel pottery; the keepsakes and objects retained for future generations and presented at the Kashubian House of Folk Handicraft in Swornegacie; the artistry and passion of Leszek Supiński working in his forge in Gdansk–Oliwa; the way Bohdan Szczudło connects his artistic experience with the knowledge of wood or, last but not least, how the knowledge of hand spinning and weaving in Pomerania is passed down.

Designers: Witamina D, Agnieszka Bar, Wojciech Mierzwa, Paweł Pomorski (Malafor), Paulina Ryń
Curator: Razy2 – Paulina Ryń i Jacek Ryń



Irrational Times

It’s a Polish-Swedish exhibition of contemporary design inspired by mutual influences of Slavic and Scandinavian cultures over the centuries. The displayed objects came as a result of a dialogue between project participants, the dialogue that took a form of a regular and staggered exchange of inspiration and knowledge. The cooperation between Kosmos Project and Petra Lilja resulted in the creation of works affirming past handicraft techniques – weaving, woodcarving, strawing, natural dyeing – which, connected with techniques implemented in contemporary design such as 3D printing, take on new, surprising forms.

Curator: Petra Lilja, Kosmos Project



The City and the Forest

The City and the Forest is a series of exhibitions and workshops promoting environmental protection and ecological attitudes. Its premiere took place during the Design March Festival in Reykjavik in March 2016. The chief aim of the exhibition is to draw attention to animals living in the cities – birds, insects and mammals – and regain balance in urban wildlife. Designers invited to take part in the project have stood up to the challenge of reconciling living in the city with being close to nature by creating nesting boxes for selected animals, for example, swifts living inside the wall next to the designers’ studio or the hedgehogs living in the neighboring area.

Curator: Ewa Solarz



Young Designers – Ready, Steady, Go

Minimalism in the eyes of young designers is the theme of the fifth edition of the “Młodzi na start” competition organized by ELLE Decoration, the magazine we have written about recently. The exhibition will present the works of the competition finalists, and the winners – chosen by distinguished designers: Ewa Gołębiowska, Marek Adamczewski, Tomasz Augustyniak, Ryszard Balcerkiewicz, Ewa Janczukowicz-Cichosz and Małgorzata Szczepańska – will be announced during the opening exhibition. We had the honor of hosting the jury at PURO Gdańsk, where they were making final decisions, and treating this renowned group to a uniquely composed dinner.

Curator: Małgorzata Szczepańska | ELLE Decoration


For more information go to: gdyniadesigndays.eu
FB: facebook.com/gdyniadesigndays
Instagram: @gdyniadesigndays
official hashtag: #GDD2016

When: 1-10 lipca 
The Festival Center: Pomorski Park Naukowo-Technologiczny Gdynia

GDD Team:  Zuzanna Skalska, Izabela Bołoz, Agnieszka Jacobson-Cielecka, Razy2, Henryk Stawicki, Ewa Janczukowicz-Cichosz, Paulina Kisiel






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