GDYNIA: "Side effects" by Kacper Kowalski

What is the relationship between mankind and nature? What influence do people have on the Earth’s landscape? To answer these questions, photographer Kacper Kowalski needs distance. 150 meters of it- to be more precise - the height he reaches to take aerial photographs. Because he’s not only a photographer but also a pilot, and as he says, photography has become an excuse for him to freely drift in the air after 20 years of being a paragliding pilot.

Kacper Kowalski says that such height makes it possible for him to see both details and their larger context. Photographs are labeled with longitudes and latitudes so that no interpretation is offered because every photograph has its very own story that unfolds differently in front of every viewer’s eyes. Thanks to this, the whole project gains multiple meanings.



The „Side effects” project is a cycle of aerial photographs capturing mainly the city of Gdynia, where the artist lives and creates, but also its surrounding area. The project’s been in progress since 2008, and this year it brought Kacper Kowalski a prestigious World Press Photo Award in the category Long Term Projects. Additionally, a photo book under the same title published in 2014, was this year’s finalist in Picture of the Year contest in the category “Best Photography Book Award”.

The Polish photographer, apart from being an architect by profession, has been a paragliding pilot for almost 20 years now. He specializes in bird’s eye view photography through which he shows natural and urban landscapes from an unusual perspective. Unreal, almost graphic photographs display patterns, symmetries and asymmetries created by mankind and nature. This perspective on photography has been awarded numerous accolades in national and international contests. The owners of art galleries across the world appreciate it as well and eagerly exhibit the photographer’s works as collector’s copies.



In PURO Gdańsk, we proudly present Kacper’s work “Toys for Boys”. Exhibited in the conference room among “serious” work tools, the installation sheds a new light on the place and winks at the viewer.

In addition, the official opening of the “Side effects” exhibition will take place this Friday (June 12th) in Gdynia City Museum. During the opening the visitors will have a chance to talk to the artist himself. Everybody’s invited!







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