INTERVIEW: Paul Wainwright from Blacksheep, the international and award winning design agency behind PURO Poznan

Introduce yourself, your role at BlackSheep and your role on the PURO Poznan project…

I’m Paul Wainwright I’ve been with Blacksheep for 3 years and I’m one of 2 Design Directors in the company. I oversee the design development and the overall delivery of projects within the team. This is my 3rd Puro Hotel that I have designed and delivered for Blacksheep. Having worked with the Puro brand for 3 years my role has been to push the envelop of the design while helping move the brand from 3 to 4 star. There is team of 3 exceptionally talented and versatile designs that have helped create this Project with me. Natasha Robetson has brought together a sophisticated collection of furniture and lighting that has moved Puro’s playful image forward while maintaining the fun qualities associated with the brand . Nicola Kerger has developed the concept  into a  warm and vibrant environment with Puro’s strongest F&B offer to date. The design flows seamlessly from the Bar into the hotels lounges and up into the rooms thanks to the Graphic patterns created by Danyin Zhu. 

What is your impression of the city of Poznan? Did it have an impact on the aesthetics and functionality of space / its atmosphere?

I’m a massive fan of Poland as a whole but Poznan has been a great source of inspiration. There is a great acceptance of bold design in the city which has allowed us to be more daring than we have been with previous Puro hotels. Summer in the city has an amazing café culture found in many European cites, come winter people move under ground into warmer more intimate spaces.  We have looked to recreate these with an elegant exterior terrace which extends out from the bar and lounge, a mixture of beautiful trees and flowers as well as comfortable furniture create an relaxed sumer and lush atmosphere. The bar merges elements of high and low seating to create more intimate pockets of sophisticated dining and drinking.   

Are there any special features or new furniture additions that you can tell us about?

As with all the Puro Hotels that Blacksheep have delivered we aim to create unique language inspired from each city. The Graphic direction was worked up with Ege Carpets to create one off designs for carpets and rugs that run through out the hotel. The design direction lends itself to more feature style lighting rather than down lights. Beautiful lights designed by Nathalie Dewez have been introduced and hang effortless in the public spaces. Playful elements such as custom made tables in the garden have been designed with metal inlays and can be used for Ping Pong in the summer or for group dinning in the evenings. 



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