KRAKÓW: There is a hidden and unexpected beauty in the intriguing socialist suburb of Nowa Huta.

The interesting suburb of Kraków, Nowa Huta, is an unexpectedly rich visual and cultural experience to fit into your itinerary whilst in the city.

Built following WWII, Nowa Huta aimed to realize a utopian dream for the people of Poland. Funded by the Soviet Union and with a name that translates as New Steel Mill, the suburb described as a ‘wonderland and worker paradise’ represented communist ideology both functionally and visually. The lines and shapes of Nowa Huta are opposed to the traditional style of Kraków, instead following the officially accepted architectural style of the times – Socialist Realism. Although the area failed to thrive as a paradise for workers, todayit is growing in popularity due to its intriguing history and aesthetics. 

Look closely at the restaurant walls of PURO Kraków and you will find the hidden beauty of Nowa Huta in photographs by Tomas Wiech. He has captured the forlorn scenes of a derelict gym in the area, embracing the memories of its troubled past whilst viewing its unimaginable contemporary beauty.



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