KRAKÓW: Summer in the city

Summer is the time of picnics and meetings with family, friends and long-unseen neighbors. Warm, leisure afternoons and weekends are best spent in the shadow of a tree, on a blanket, and with a basket full of delicacies. People of Krakow used to have their favorite destinations such as Wolski Forest, Park of Decjusz, Maiden Rocks or Bielany – located a little bit farther away. However, the most magnetic picnic destination was an enormous meadow called Blonia Park. For, in the past, not everyone fled the city. Rumor has  it that the Picnic Society established in the 19th century by more affluent Londoners had its meetings organized in the Pantheon in the center of the city. The menu and its obligatory items such as the variety of roast meat, biscuits, cakes, preserves, puddings and teas were determined by drawing of lots. These days, we return to this delicious tradition of picnicking in the open air. Those who take a rest in the city, city dwellers and tourists alike, have nothing to complain about. After all, we have more than 40 parks! We want to show you two special parks that are close to PURO’s heart and – this summer – will welcome you with delectable food and oodles of attractions!


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Picnicking Parks

A real treat awaits those who live in the city and want to relax in the open without leaving it: Picnicking in Krakow’s parks. Throughout holiday months, September included, parks will host weekend open-air events. Every Saturday in Bednarski Park and every Sunday in Park Krakowski, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., you will have a chance to spend your free time in a funny way - talking, eating and being active. Those of you looking for tasty food will supply their baskets and refrigerators with delicacies, while those without breakfasts will eat to their hearts’ content. Should you be thirsty for knowledge, there will be plenty of workshops and cooking shows. Last but not least, there’ll be numerous games and competitions for children as well as tai-chi and yoga classes for seniors.

"It’s a perfect occasion to celebrate the time with family, friends and neighbors in the atmosphere of a picnic"

– stresses Karolina Bisping-Adamik, the co-organizer of the event, and adds:

"Active relaxation in Krakowski and Bednarski park will allow the strengthening of the local community and positively influence neighborly ties. We know from experience that the events of this type attract people living in other districts and tourists, for whom a picnic is just another way of spending summer in Krakow."





A bit of history: the pre-war picnics featured overseas specialties, but an average Cracovian – faithful to the fashion of eating out in the open – equipped himself with local products. No wonder. It’s difficult to imagine a wicker basket without lunch meats, cheese or sandwiches. A curiosity: a sandwich was invented in the 17th century by Englishman John Montague, the Fourth Earl of Sandwich, who was an ardent card player on an empty stomach, so that he wouldn’t waste time eating. One day, a chef brought the earl slices of meat tucked between two loaves of bread and that’s how a sandwich came to be. (By the way: in Woody Allen’s short-story of an intriguing title “Yes, But Can The Steam Engine Do This?”, there’s a story of the Earl of Sandwich and his invention with far-reaching consequences.)

Picnicking in Krakow will abound in good food. For what would a picnic be without it?! A picnic basket will certainly be packed with olives, hummus, Spanish tortilla, falafel, Indian classical dishes, Mexican cuisine specialties, Japanese onigiri, goat and sheep milk cheese, roast lamb, bread, sweet rolls, ice cream and sweets... What’s more, the picnickers will be treated to good coffee, home-made lemonades and juices.

More information, beautiful photos and the programm:
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photo: www.polona.pl


The Boulevar(t) of Art at Nowa Huta

Back in the day, picnics meant great yet simple fun. There were dancing parties with orchestras, children riding carousels and men climbing greased poles to get a prize hanging from the top. How do modern Cracovians entertain themselves? To find an answer, let’s go to the other end of the city, to Nowa Huta. That’s where the New Boulevar(t) of Art operates all summer long, every day from June to the end of August. The initiative of Łaźnia Nowa Theater pulsates in the 90/90 rhythm – ninety events to be enjoyed during ninety days of holidays.

The New Boulevar(t) of Art is a space for artistic, cultural, entertainment and educational activities, i.e., a perfect place to spend holidays in the city. Not only for the inhabitants of Nowa Huta, but for everyone willing to feel the breath of summer culture, gulp in original art, relax in a unique environment, meet extraordinary people and be a part of unusual artistic activities.

Admission-free events take place every day as part of the New Boulevar(t) of Art: performances, meetings with artists, workshops for children, youth and adults. This summer, at Bulwarowa Street, it will be possible to meet artists from both Nowa Łaźnia Theater and other great theaters from all over the country, as well as cultural operators from Krakow and… the long-unseen neighbor. The New Boulevar(t) of Art is open to various forms of activity and everyone craving great fun and artistic development. Open-air theatrical performances and concerts, socializing and talking while acting together, variations and inspirations that drive and evoke emotions – all of it and much, much more is waiting for you at the New Boulevar(t) of Art.



EKO / ART&SCIENCE / DESIGN WORKSHOPS for children take place every Monday. In July, the recently more and more popular interdisciplinary thinking about art and science will be an opportunity to connect  culture and education in activity, while the August meetings with design will focus on the returning retro and vintage fashion.

Tuesdays are all about adults’ creative activities – sewing, numerous manual classes, handicraft. As part of SZYCIE NA TRAWIE [SEWING ON THE GRASS] we will find an answer to a very important question: “how to sew?”. PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP, on the other hand, will help participants develop their photography skills. During „You can become the photographer of Nowa Huta too" meetings, we’ll engage ourselves in mobile photography to make others realize that, these days, a mobile phone or a tablet can create artistically-valuable pictures. Besides, Tuesday afternoons will be filled with open-air and escape games, during which you will have to listen to your intuition and “six sense”.

On Wednesdays, the series of workshops and cooking shows will be organized in the open-air kitchen. Meetings will be hosted by the best chefs from Krakow; we will talk about cooking and inspire others to implement alternative ways of nutrition. Each meeting will be an occasion to listen to practical and useful pieces of advice and to see professionals in action.



Thursdays are the days of creative meetings. Nowa Huta and Krakow are full of fascinating personalities – people, who have been brave enough to pursue their goals, discover new horizons, invest in their own ideas and implement even the most incredible ones. Their stories are both inspiring and surprising. We’re twisting off the TAP [Polish: KRAN – Kreatywne Rozmowy Angażujące Nowohucian/ Creative Discussions Engaging The Inhabitants of Nowa Huta]

On Fridays you may give an intergenerational dancing party a try. Nowa Huta has been the hub of traditional local dancing for years.

As befits a weekend madness, Saturdays will brim with sensations. Every week, as part of MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S SCENE the most famous Łaźnia Nowa performances, shows of artists co-working with the theater and performances for children will be staged. Each performance will be followed with a meeting with artists.

Sundays begin with yoga on the grass classes. The literary series LUNCH READINGS starts at 11 a.m., while the afternoon is the time of the best quality classical music concerts played by recognized yet unconventional artists. Every Sunday evening brings a treat for cinema lovers: OPEN-AIR CINEMA and the screenings of the best art films of the past years, as well as high-quality genre cinema.

What’s most important – each event is admission-free.


Detailed program::

How they used to picnic at Nowa Huta:


Text: Kasia Pilitowska
Photos: Piknik Krakowski archives - photo: Agnieszka Fiejka, The New Boulevar(t) of Art archives




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