KRAKÓW: The one of a kind treasures under a Christmas tree!

Being fed up with what is popular, well-known and widely accessible, we search markets and tiny stores for exceptional tastes. We look for farmers and small-scale producers…in other words, we stand on our heads to find the healthy and the unique. The same happens when it comes to the search for presents. We crave for things with history and soul; even a little bit worn out, with a hint of  rust or greenish patina. All that matters is uniqueness. And if, after rummaging through all local flea markets, we still lack treasures, the talented hands of people with passion for handicraft will rush to our aid.

Nowadays, functional art is being created by craft workers who resigned from selling art on market stalls in Sukiennice and started presenting their unique pieces at various, less-known, markets. Thanks to them, while sitting at the table during the Christmas Eve, we will not be dripping in cold sweat on the sight of two identical presents. We will make sure there are only unique and extraordinary things under a Christmas tree!

In Kraków, there is a great deal of places selling one of a kind things that are tastefully designed. Interestingly, a lot of them is being opened in Christmas time! We visited Wytwórnia in Zabłocie where Art & Food Bazaar was taking place. You could find everything there! Bags, belts, brooches, bracelets, Christmas tree decorations, clay sculptures, pottery, clothes and trinkets of every description…

The unique reportage from Krakow markets full of treasures - the sentimental, and those with the new history - especially for PURO realized Kasia Pilitowska (text) and Kacper Kałużyński (photos). Enjoy!


ALE TO FAJNE a funny approach to Christmas decorations

ATELIER COOKIA French macaroons


JEJE authorial graphic art under glass domes


POLA ZAG modernist, simple, handmade jewelry

Make Your Own Rainbow


Furious Feathers Apparel

Small People From Ceramic

AMAMAMUSI marmalades

TRASHKI bags recycled from vinyl banners




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