POZNAN: Enjoy the sunshine in the NIFTY No. 20 garden, with one of our summer cocktails!

The doors to the garden at NIFTY No. 20, PURO Poznan are now open. A great spot to lounge in the sunshine or catch up with friends, it can only be topped off with one of our exciting summer drinks. Here is a selection of the 5 best cocktails to sip on whilst you relax at NIFTY No. 20, chosen by our Bartender, Miłosz Marczak.

Brass Monkey
This summer all the monkeys say no to bananas and switch to pineapples instead. In combination with white rum, fresh mint, ripe lime and a dose of Seville orange it aims to become the official isotonic drink of NIFTY No. 20!

Gimlet Grape
What’s eating Gimlet Grape? Absolutely nothing… this summer he’s the popular guy. Sweetness, acidity, mild bitterness… Let the summer last forever!

New Fashioned #8
A classic full of character reinvented. Ripe bananas, dark chocolate, sweet orange – these are the notes you’ll come across in this accord. The legend has it that the complex taste of this cocktail inspired a certain British musician to write “Bitter Sweet Symphony”…

Strong coffee – all you need after a nice meal. Add liquorice, vanilla and Seville orange to the mix… Sounds good? Take your time, relax and enjoy a glass of CO_FI.

Not feeling like alcohol or you’re the designated driver tonight? No worries, you can choose from a selection of lemonades. Just let us know your taste preference – sweet, bitter, herbal – you name it - we’ll prepare a refreshing beverage for you!


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