POZNAŃ: Michał Szlaga. ICH

Michał Szlaga, an artist and photographer working mainly in and with Gdańsk, will be showing his work in Poznań. Galeria Fotografii pf in Centrum Kultury Zamek cordially invites everyone to the exhibition “ICH - Michał Szlaga”.

Michał Szlaga takes photographs of Poland and, most importantly, Poles: shipyard workers, miners, prostitutes, soldiers, priests, scouts, and politicians. Capturing human legends and human ruins, Szlaga has also taken interest in artists. In the past years he has witnessed, documented and co-created numerous celebrated artistic endeavors.  

It was Szlaga who photographed Paweł Althamer wandering the streets of San Paolo disguised as Matołek the Billy-Goat.

It was Szlaga who photographed Honorata Martin diving in icy water during winter.

It was Szlaga who photographed Piotr Uklański posing as a male hero in Greenpoint.

It was Szlaga who photographed Bohdan Szumczyk illegally displaying his sculpture “Komm, Frau” under cover of darkness.

The exhibition in Galeria Fotografii pf is essentially a review of photographs Szlaga created for various artists. The exhibited photographs work differently – either as autonomous works of art or press illustrations – depending on their placement; therefore, they do not play similar roles in the process of creating meaning. The juxtaposition of works so numerous and varied accentuates Michał Szlaga’s original style. Each photograph bears a unique mark of the author – there is one “I” (German “Ich”) hidden among a crowd of “ich” (Polish for “their”).

The exhibition is even more worth visiting once you know that Michał Szlaga is one of our PURO artists. His work “Shipyard 2002” occupies a unique spot in the PURO Gdańsk lobby. We promise to interview Michał right after the opening of the exhibition!


photo: PURO Hotel


ICH - Michał Szlaga
Galeria Fotografii pf

exhibition from the “non-fiction" series
curator: Dorota Walentynowicz

official opening: 2.12.2016 (Friday) | 7 p.m.
more info: www.zamek.poznan.pl

the photograph of J. B. Szumczyk’s “Lisowczycy” taken by M. Szlaga



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