POZNAŃ: Arena DESIGN. Around the senses

For the ninth time already, arena DESIGN will gather designers, architects, and representatives of the business industry. Here, manufacturers find inspiration and designers new customers. The leading theme of this year’s edition revolves around “Senses”. The PURO Magazine Team heartily recommends–Poznań in mid-March is a place to be!

Arena DESIGN is a design-oriented event organized annually by Poznań International Fair. It’s the time when Poznań is visited by numerous guests, prominent designers and architects, as well as the media from Poland and abroad. The prestigious TOP DESIGN awards are given every year to promote exceptional design. Participants take part in diverse lectures, workshops, panel discussions, and exhibitions. Simply put -  all the news from the world of design available in one place at one time.  


Designing for the senses

“Senses” is this year’s edition’s leading theme. What, then, is sensory design? That’s how the organizers explain the idea behind the motto:

"Designing triggers imagination, uses knowledge and talents and, when combined with the ability to listen to other people’s dreams and needs, influences all our senses. Becoming sensitive to sensual reality is the basis for designing in a good and valuable way. Sensory stimuli influence upon hearing, sight, smell. Taste and touch, however, are a source of extrinsic motivation. The senses altogether create a sort of a bond between the product and the customer and thanks to them we discover the multi-dimensional sensitivity which helps us to interpret the surrounding world better."




Prominent guests

Every year, the fair organizers–aiming to sustain the high quality of the event–invite world-renowned designers whose awe-inspiring works astonish people all over the world. So far, among those who shared their knowledge of design with arena DESIGN participants were the following: Inga Sempé, Edward Barber, Barber & Osgerby design studio, Brodie Neill, Sander Mulder, the FRONT design group - Sofia Lagerkvist and Anna Lindgren, Charlotte von der Lancken, Francouis Azambourg, and Karim Rashid. – Our guests in the FORUM zone meet with the fair participants to discuss trends, problems, and possibilities that arise in the world of industrial design – says Project Manager Małgorzata Czubak. – We are overcome with joy that this year’s inaugural lecture will be delivered by Nipa Doshi and Jonathan Levien. Their designs blend the elements of various cultures, technology, industrial design history, and craftsmanship. Not to mention that they perfectly blend in the arena DESIGN 2017 leading theme – senses – she adds.  



The sense zones

The exposition will be divided into four zones: FORUM – the beating heart of the project where all the key events happen, i.e. meetings, lectures, discussions, and the TOP DESIGN award ceremony. EDUCATION will introduce us to the work of design majors from European artistic and technical universities. TOP DESIGN is all about the above-mentioned competition and the winning designs. The fourth area – VIVA Light 2017 – takes light as its leading theme linking exhibitions to one another. After all, light is inextricably bound up with our perception of space, shapes, colors, textures and materials. Apart from it all, participants will have plenty of workshop opportunities to choose from, such as furniture renovation, professional color design, or design for the senses among others.



Hit the trail!

Let’s go outside the space of the exposition and take a look at what the city space has to offer. Arena DESIGN and the city of Poznań invite everyone to discover senses in an urban space. The project “Miasto żyje designem” is the result of a collaboration between Poznań cultural institutions and private businesses such as hotels, restaurants, or furniture showrooms. Together, they’ve created a city trail of senses. Each of the 10 collaborators has prepared a special offer (discounts on offered services, themed menus) that will be available between 14-19 March. – Most of the places are located near the Old Market Square. This is because we want to encourage arena DESIGN guests – exhibitors and visitors alike – to discover the charms of the city. I am very glad that we have some public institutions on our trail and I believe that those who decide to participate in the project will eagerly visit ZAMEK Culture Centre and Municipal Gallery Arsenał and benefit from what’s on offer – explains Vice-President of the City of Poznań Mariusz Wiśniewski. Moreover, those who visit most of the places will have a chance to win a romantic dinner in the GardenCity restaurant (for Poznań residents) or a weekend stay in the city (for visiting guests).

For more information about the program, tickets, and workshop bookings go to the arena DESIGN webpage. Come and use your senses to experienc objects and spaces!


arena DESIGN “Senses”

Poznań International Fair
ul. Głogowska 14
60-734 Poznań

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