Poznań’s illuminations by night

It is no longer about Wrocław and Warsaw - now, Poznań has its own enthusiasts of neon lights who have created a photo blog “Neony Poznania” (Poznań’s neon lights). The blog as well as a fan page of the same name gather fervent supporters of the idea that neon lighting should illuminate Poznań anew to reawaken the city’s bright past. After all, in the 1960s and ‘70s Poznań was known as “the city of neon lights”. Amazing, isn’t it?



A rare treat is awaiting the enthusiasts of these brightly glowing glass tubes! Almost eight thousand people have declared to take part in the upcoming exhibition “Nocny Poznań w blasku neonów” (Poznań’s neon lights by night) that will take place in the National Museum in Poznań. Apart from the possibility to admire real neon lights that once adorned the streets, there will be a projection of images to show the golden era of neon lighting in our city as well as a presentation of drawings and designs. The exhibition’s organizers plan to arrange a craftsman’s workshop with an equipment necessary to create advertisements. The whole event is promoted by, or, one is tempted to say - illuminated by - a neon light designed specially for this occasion by Marcin Pałaszyński. One of the numerous attractions prepared by organizers will be a chance to design your very own neon light!



In an interview for a city magazine pulspoznania.pl, Marcin Grześkowiak - a collector, amateur photographer and founder of the above mentioned websites - talks about forthcoming attractions: “The exhibition will be accompanied by a wide range of lectures and speeches on the subject of neon lighting that I will have a pleasure to be part of. And what will come after the exhibition? We are going to reflect on what to do next with our neon lights - our dream is to bring them back to Poznań’s streets.” We keep our fingers crossed!


Photo: Neony Poznania oraz MediaPracownia.pl
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