POZNAN: School of Form epitomizes the essence of NIFTY No.20 with an installation at PURO Poznan

PURO Poznan’s exciting new restaurant, NIFTY No. 20 has a fresh, individual and eclectically curated interior and identity based on the concept of plates, curated and designed by Double Decker.

The important role of the plate and its symbolisms has now been taken further with an intriguing installation developed in collaboration with School of Form, Poznan. Working closely with Olga Milczynska and her students, ceramic pieces have been locally sourced. Smashed, broken and coloured, the collection were then put in jars, creating a unique and unexpected interpretation of the every day object. 

Artist and School of Form tutor Olga Milczynska who developed the plate installation for Nifty No. 20 alongside curators Double Decker, gave some feedback from the project: 

Tell us about the project?

The project for PURO Hotel considered using the left overs from a porcelain factory in a creative way. With the group of students, we picked plates that were not fulfilling the norms of production. Using złom (the polish name for the porcelain left overs in the factory) we broke the porcelain into small pieces in order to pickle it in glass jars. During the process we were joking about cucumber, pickles and other home made preservatives. The outcome is an installation utilizing the production left overs - nicknamed ‘Pickled Plates’ by the students.

During the production, we saw you on the top of tons of broken plates at the ceramic factory. Is that something you do often for your ceramic lessons at School Of Form? 

In School of Form I did have some classes where students were breaking porcelain pieces to create new forms… but never on that scale!

Tell us few things about your next projects?

For my next project I will work together with potters from South East Poland, combining my design with traditional pottery techniques from that region.



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