POZNAŃ: Short and to the point: Short Waves Festival

Short, intensive, emotional. Between 15 and 20 March 2016, Short Waves Festival will bring to Poznań the most captivating short films from all over the world.

Short Waves Festival, the richest-in-content short film festival, comes to Poznań for the eighth time. This year’s SWF motto is “we are open” – open to the world around us, to people, and to innovative ideas. The openness also characterizes the format of the festival, by no means traditional. Short Waves steps outside the rigid time frames. Having no beginning or end, SWF consists in diverse events taking place around the country throughout the year.

It is the first time the main competition of the Festival, Poznań Open, has gained an international character, having opened itself to directors from around the world. In addition, SWF hosts two one-of-a-kind competitions: Best of Seven and Dances with Camera. Exceptionally unique film screenings organized in private apartments will be part of Random Home Cinema, while Art Shorts and Poznań Wave will present short productions bordering on video-art and experimentation. Last but not least, the Festival program will feature numerous interesting events held as part of workshops and Poznań Industry Days. Emotions will be running high at the Festival Club, the location of which will change several times to give participants a chance to gain a multidimensional experience of the city.

Photographs used in marketing materials were taken by Karol Wysmyk / Nie Zasłaniaj


Short Waves Festival 2016
Poznań 15-20 March 2016







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