POZNAN: Specially commissioned plates from Polish artist Marta Szostek

Following the successful collaboration with School of Form, Double Decker commissioned a series of plates from one of the students, Marta Szostek, to create an installation at NIFTY No.20. Her work shows the diverse connotations of the humble plate, portraying the variety of its beauty, from simple broken pieces to high-end golden artworks. Marta’s work was developed as part of the Art Food Project, a collaboration with the Royal College of Arts, London. Drop by NIFTY No. 20 and you’ll see a wonderful selection of plates from this exciting emerging artist. 

Recently we spoke with Marta about her work and the special commission for NIFTY No. 20 at PURO Hotel Poznan:

Tell us few things about the Art Food Project..

The Art Food Project 2013 was initiated by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute as part of an ongoing programme promoting polish design abroad. Two academies were chosen to participate: the School of Form from Poznan, Poland and the Royal College of Art from London, UK. The aim of the project was to create a set of dishes for top restaurants. The project was curated by Marek Cecuła and took place in a factory of a polish heritage porcelain manufacturer “Ćmielów”. We spend there 3 weeks working on projects that were then exhibited in London during London Design Week, in Stoke on Trent during British Ceramic Biennale, in Lodz, Poland during Lodz Design and in Poznan as a separate show.
My project called ZŁOM is using found elements. The workers of the factory write “złom” on scrap porcelain to distinguish trash from perfect products. I used the Ćmielów porcelain factory’s scrap that was destined to be smashed into little pieces and disposed of. All the elements have been found in rubbish containers, carefully selected out of thousands of pieces and hand polished. My choices were based on my appreciation of the beauty of how porcelain breaks in unusual ways. I applied gold to some of the pieces as I like the idea of combining such an expensive material with scrap material. 

You have just completed the installation at NIFTY No. 20. What do you think of the space and how do your pieces respond to it?

I really like the space and I think it's very well designed. It has a classic vintage quality but it is very contemporary at the same time. I like how all the different pieces from designers and artists work together, making the space elegant, tangible and people friendly.
I think my plates are a strong element standing out in the restaurant whilst working with the space at the same time. It relates strongly to the graphic identity of the restaurant, which is based on the plates. Shelves full of jars filled with smashed porcelain came from exactly the same place where my pieces come from - Ćmielów porcelain factory, which gives the whole situation a second meaning. NIFTY No. 20 is a unique place and I'm happy that my work will be a part of it.




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