POZNAŃ: Textile Festival. For the first time in Poland!

“Fabric is a silent hero of everyday life, a visible, but unaware observer, a grey eminence of design.” 

It’s the central idea of Textile Festival which is to take place in Concordia Design, Poznan’s center of creativity, between November 14 and 16. PURO Hotel takes pleasure in being a partner of this one of a kind festival dedicated to textiles. It’s going to be the first event of this type in Poland! The program is very promising and offers exhibitions, workshops, lectures, performances and activities in urban space. Make sure you find time this November weekend to slightly warm up the aura around you!




The idea of Textile Festival emerged from the need to promote the potential of Polish textile tradition, as well as to present the design and utilitarian possibilities that textiles offer. It is the first event of this kind in Poland – a unique, innovative undertaking that can bring textiles back to the place where they belong. It focuses on  creating a friendly environment for users, producers and designers of textiles to share their experiences. 



Let’s discover “Contexts”!

“Contexts” is the title of the festival’s premiere edition and reflects the festival’s aim to connect various areas in which fabrics play leading roles. There will be talks devoted to textiles in interior design and the use of fabrics for artistic, stylistic, and even marketing purposes. Textile, the “invisible” life companion, can become a wellspring of innovation. Despite its professional nature, the event will attract not only those acquainted with the world of fabrics and design but also all fabric enthusiasts. The program has been created to awaken urban space; after all, textiles is present in everyone’s life. In order to experience this presence, residents of Poznan will write down their wishes on little patches of fabric to later hang them on trees. The organizers’ ambition is also to include other places connected with art, design, or the history of the textile industry in the event. 



Let’s meet people!

People create festivals! Małgorzata Bernady, the festival’s curator, a designer and lover of fabrics, has invited experts who are going to share their experience with the audience. These are, among others: Aleksandra Gaca – a designer of textiles and fabrics (the seats designed by her are a real gem of the PURO Hotel’s interior design!); dr. Dorota Taranek who presents her Jacquard fabrics and hand-painted silk in galleries in Poland and abroad; the representatives of the world’s finest fabric brands, for example Andre Stevens – the artistic director of the Dutch brand KOBE. Dr. Andrew Hebden, a lecturer at a famous British art school, will also visit the festival. Besides, one of the upcoming attractions is an art performance of the French duo ID Textile, which performs all over the world and enlivens textiles with the help of music and image.



Let’s drink coffee in PURO!

Fabric will mark its presence during the festival specifically at coffee meeting in PURO Poznan lobby (on 16 November!), but also in museums, parks, and at universities. The exhibition of textiles will constitute the central part of the event and will be inaugurated by the ID Textile duo’s artistic performance as well as a curatorial tour. 



Let’s get to know ourselves better!

Even though it will be possible to meet textile manufacturers and designers at the festival, its character is not industrial. On the contrary, it’s an occasion for everyone to find out something more about fabrics during the workshops arranged with a special care to satisfy not only professionals. A vast array of workshops offers among others: a workshop in printing and decorating silk neckerchiefs that will be run by Justyna Miedoń, an artist and enthusiast of working with fabrics; a workshop in selecting patterns run by Ewa Kostera, and a meeting with a fairytale-esque title: Warp and Woof – the mysteries of a loom under the guardianship of Witold Przewoźny and Lucyna Grupa from the Ethnography Museum in Poznan.



Let’s play with fabric!

Children are undoubtedly the finest creators! Accompanied by parents, they will be able to participate in a workshop in natural dyeing of fabric performed by Natalia Całus (free entry!) or play together in “The world of fabrics” created by the Agata’s Workshops. A multiplicity of textures and colors will satisfy not only children’s curiosity!


No entrance fee to the lectures and workshops. In order to participate it’s advisable to email biuro@festiwaltkanin, indicating a lecture’s or a workshop’s theme in the title.

For more information and the festival’s program please visit www.festiwaltkanin.pl


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