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Poznan has been the centre of creative discussion about fashion for several years. Art & Fashion Festival, an event initiated by Grażyna Kulczyk and organised in Stary Browar in Poznań, gained a reputation of an open platform of inspiration and education. AFF has become an expert in the area of fashion and in applying creative approach in fields connected with fashion: business, education and arts. Grażyna Kulczyk, who supports young talented people and business innovations, decided to make a connection between fashion and new technologies this year. So the main theme of this year’s AFF is “CHIC GEEK”. The curator of the event is Bradford Shellhammer - a designer, already a legendary figure in the global fashion community, the founder of the most popular online shop with design fab.com, and and the icon of a synergy between ‘chic’ and ‘geek’.

During the 8th edition of Art & Fashion Forum, formerly named as Art & Fashion Festival, Poznań will house top names and accumulation of events that Poland has never witnessed before – alongside the traditional elements, such as the educational part, exhibitions or the final ceremony, this year’s AFF will become the venue for Global Fashion Battle.




Why fashion and new technologies?  Each year AFF has its main theme which refers to the most current concepts and trends within the fashion community. This year, however, as new technologies (notably 3D print) and hundreds of start-ups are changing the global fashion market and experts predict that designers – in order to count – need to learn new technologies, the 8th edition of AFF will be dedicated to everything that lies at the meeting point of these two realities.


“I believe that the world is changed by people with passion – innovators who create trends and work hard to come up with solutions that haven’t existed before. But also by people who can anticipate a CHANGE. We’re in for a real breakthrough. Women used to meet at sewing machines, soon they’ll be meeting at 3D printers. I’ve created AFF with an intention to stimulate discussion about such phenomena in Poland, on the highest world level. I’m delighted that the events like AFF can become an inspiring spark for the implementation of many pioneering projects and may help to turn dreams into viable business ventures”

– says Grażyna Kulczyk.


What’s more at AFF? New School, which starts 10th October, is a series of workshops addressed to the talented people who share passion for fashion and design. It is a unique occasion to meet the best practitioners in these fields, in Poland and abroad, such as Amanda Ringstad – creative director and photographer collaborating with iconic brands like Starbucks or Amazon, Anna Orska – the most recognised jewellery designer in Poland, Tomek Bagiński - animation artist, author of Oscar-nominated “The Cathedral” or Bradford Shellhammer himself. It’s a week of very intensive work, but - for the best participants - awarded with  summer course at the prestigious Central St. Martin’s College of Art & Design in London and internship at the partner company of a given workshop category.  The best works of New School graduates will be exhibited in Poznań and selected cities around the world.



Global Fashion Battle with world final in Poznań (October 18) is a new development within this year’s AFF. This huge international event is organised under the patronage of Startup Weekend. This year’s fashion edition covers almost 25 cities across the world, including 5 partner cities – New York, London, Milan, Paris and Poznań. The fact that Poznań was included in the prestigious group of five leaders of the project is a great honour. In each city, programmers and fashion designers will team up for 54 hours to create technological solutions ready to revolutionise fashion. The teams will be supported by local mentors in the field of fashion and technology.

The grand final ceremony will crown this year’s AFF and will present all the winners of New School and Global Fashion Battle on 18th October.





And for those who sees fashion as applied art mostly, there will be New Market (October 18-19) which is a two-day fair of young designers, artists and the most interesting emerging fashion start-ups from Central-Eastern Europe. Swrm.pl, the platform uniting young designers and selected fashion brands from Poland will be the partner of the fair.

Art & Fashion Forum always attracts the crowds. You can’t miss it!


image source and more information: Art & Fashion Forum


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