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The willingness to live ‘slowly’ has been on the increase in the contemporary world. ‘Slow life’, to put it simply, means a life close to nature, but don’t get it wrong,  living on a farm is not a prerequisite! People can as well live in a city, buy local food and eat healthily. The products grown and cultivated ecologically, without a rush and in the nearest neighborhood are the so called ‘slow food’ products. Those who choose them are usually the ones aware of their own health and eco-balance.

Many people devote much time to the search for their ‘very own’ butcher, baker, or cheese maker. They tend to pay attention to the quality, as well as the production process of espresso, buy fresh juices or check cider for apples. But when it comes to wine, their tastes are manipulated by what’s in stock at a store on a particular day. Few of them realize, however, that there are natural wines on the market – free of chemicals and additives, made of the grapes that take their time to grow without anyone’s help. 


photo: Misenka Plantaznik for Domiane Lapierre


How are natural wines different from the ones present in every store?

 We decided to ask Michał Więckowicz Wine Coach:

‘Natural wines are the authentic, regional, handcraft products - the effects of a man-nature cooperation. The grapes are farmed organically in general, and there’s no intervention whatsoever in their process of growing, however, some growers may be additionally biodynamic. The natural microbiota, in other words the endogenous ‘wild yeast’ and bacteria that already exist in the vineyard’s ecosystems is used in the process of winemaking. Those who stick to the ‘grapes into wine’ philosophy believe, that wine is just a product of fermentation of the must by microorganisms. Wine becomes a pure expression of nature (habitat) and culture (people’s influence). Good wine is a pleasure for the body, great wine is a pleasure for the soul. Many of natural wines belong to the second category.’


photo: Odczaruj Gary for Dom Bliskowice 


In other words: minimized intervention, maximized care. Natural wines have been gaining more and more popularity in Europe and, recently, in Poland. The breakthrough came in 2014, when the vineyard Dom Bliskowice from Małopolski Przełom Wisły presented its wines during the Viennese edition of the most important natural wine fair  – RAW Artisan Wine Fair. The fair’s organizer - Isabelle Legeron, an icon of natural viniculture and the author of the book ‘Natural wine’ will be a guest of an unusual event patronized by PURO Hotel Poznań!


This Saturday, on 18 October in SPOT Poznan, Isabelle will perform wine tasting with commentaries as well as give a lecture. It’s time to find out what eco-wines taste like, isn’t it?

‘Real and interesting, these wines also happen to be different, surprising, and fascinating. Non-manipulated and not driven by either the market’s needs or expectations of a mythical ‘consumer’. Do they taste better? It’s a matter of personal preferences. The crucial thing is that eco-wines are produced with passion, to be consumed passionately as a supplement to our favorite dishes’ 

– says Michal, who, inspired by natural wines, creates ‘tailored’ wine menus for restaurants. 

Apart from Isabelle, other renowned experts and growers who use natural methods of production will participate in Poznan’s wine feast including: Claudio Panetta/Il Cancelliere, Rafaello Annicchiarico/Podere Veneri Vecchio, Nadia Verrua/Cascina 'Tavijn oraz Lorenzo Corino/Case Corini. A culinary workshop with Marta Wajda and open natural wine tasting are also planned for the event.

Signing in is still possible. PURO Hotel Poznań has prepared a special offer for its guests on the occasion of this tasty event. Michal’s also planning to go to SPOT on Saturday:


"There will be plenty of good wine and a lot of good people!"


Everyone’s welcome!


photo: Dom Bliskowice


For more details, please visit: Wina naturalne w SPOT

Organizers: Akademia Kulinarna SPOT. to EATMoja ItaliaWinotake i Naturaliści

Media patronage: Magazyn UstaMagazyn WINOFood & Friends,WinicjatywaVinisfera.plCzas Wina

Partner: PURO Hotel Poznan


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