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Don’t you think your day will be more pleasant if you spend it in the space filled with beautiful objects, works of art, and sophisticated design? In PURO we believe so!

Regardless of us being connoisseurs of art and design, space in which we find ourselves has an indisputable impact on our mood and emotions. Be it a subtle detail or a spectacular work of art, it affects our well-being, changing it immeasurably. In PURO we are taking care to change it for the better only!

The connection of a creative formation of reality and endearing hospitality stands as the essence of PURO philosophy. The philosophy that blurs the boundaries between an exhibition space and a place in which we spend our time, work, meet others, and relax. Such an approach has become particularly crucial in recent years for hotels which try to find new ways of creating a friendly and creative aura. Moreover, the need has arisen to find a curator – a person who will be responsible for selecting art and design specially for hotel spaces.  

In PURO, we treat our artistic and design mission seriously, taking care of the elements of interior design to make them not only aesthetic, but also to make them part of its identity. We want these elements to collaborate with and promote our brand. The extraordinary objects and installations that are offered to our open and world curious guests create the possibility of experiencing art in a new, intimate way. It is just like in a gallery or home, but at a special time – during a one of a kind stay in a hotel.



We pride ourselves on supporting the Polish local artistic environment. Our goal is to promote new and promising, but also already recognized artists and designers. It’s all thanks to the invaluable selection of Double Decker agency.  

Beata Szczecińska is one of the artists to have been chosen by London curators. She’s designed a series of graphics to be incorporated in hotel rooms at PURO in Poznan. The graphics reveal her personal interpretation of the city, based on memories and observations. The illustrator, in an original way, refers to characteristic landscapes, buildings, and the hotel itself. She matches expressive geometrics with a monochromatic color palette and gradient names – slogans bringing up city places special for her. All of it makes up an effective composition that can be admired at PURO. For more work of this talented designer visit the website



Hotels in which we stay, apartments in which we live – spaces of our everyday lives – reflect our identity and show how we perceive the world. Alluding to the graphics created specially for PURO, we present the series of inspirations about composing and arranging art and photography in our closest environment.


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