PURO Colors: The colors of the future

We believe that colors have their own texture, depth and power. Color invites to interact, it’s the transmitter of energy and emotions that plays a fundamental role in our lives. It’s the reason why objects and interiors with which we surround ourselves are so important!


Lidewij Edelkoort, a world-renowned trendforecaster, uses color terms to express what what is going to happen in the future in the area of art, fashion and design, but above all, in culture and society. The days of gray osmosis, blurring the boundaries and the lack of reference points are gone. What are the colors of the future?


Deep turquoise

Turquoise is a burst of creative energy, the perfect backdrop for creative expression. Intriguing and complex it bears the hint of coldness but also depth that warms up the atmosphere. The hero of interior with “the twist”, being a meaningful background or a vibrant details. An indispensable companion to any creative journey. It inspires, motivates, stimulates. Try turquoise in the spaces of PURO!



Lady in... yellow

A perfect counterpoint to the vivid colors in the spaces of PURO. Makes great match with blue and red, creating the base for a color palette - the source of all colors! Sunny, saturated, as ripe, juicy lemon. Simply invigorating. Li Edelkoort predicts: it is time for yellow. Expressive, energetic, non-obvious.



Only red

Queen of saturation, requires careful dosing. Red emphasizes, highlights and invites to come inside.. An energy cocktail and pure vitality. It always works in architecture and in fashion, enriching and giving charm to every form by making its total look or standing as a refined accent. Only red!



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