PURO COLORS: The sensual Marsala

Every year PANTONE, the international color expert, announces a leading color for the upcoming season. This year’s hero was presented to the public at the beginning of January. It is Marsala – a sultry and subtle hue – on a color palette somewhere between classic burgundy and deep claret.



Why Marsala?

The name derives from Italy’s famous fortified wine. The very sound of the word “Marsala” evokes seductive, warm associations and the moment you say it you feel its texture, richness, and taste.


“We’re looking for nurturing and things that feed our mind, body, and soul. A color like Marsala fits all those categories”

says Lee Eiseman from Pantone Color Institute.



Marsala emanates earthiness and bronze shades while simultaneously embodying the sophisticated character of a deep, luxurious red. It is versatile – suitable for men and women alike – as a total look or in the form of tasteful details.



The revealed verdict has sparked the real MARSALA mania! This robust, sultry color has immediately begun its career in fashion, design and home furnishings. Marsala appears on runways, in editorials, on the streets and in the world of social media. Deeply saturated, tempting, sense-provoking.





Our palette of visual sensations wouldn’t exist without Marsala. Be it matt or glossy, strong or delicate… Total and subtle. Don’t resist the temptation and indulge in the sensual Marsala...

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