PURO GDAŃSK: Local inspirations

The opening of PURO Gdańsk is approaching rapidly! Our new hotel in Tricity - the pearl of the Polish Coast - is being created on the basis of PURO philosophy. We derive inspiration from the local context as well as global trends.

Located in the heart of Old Town, Gdańsk, on the historical The Granary Island, PURO emanates the exceptional atmosphere of the area. The raw and industrial character of interiors designed by the London-based interior design practice DeSallesFlint refers to the looks of historic granaries and the port’s aesthetic.



What gems will we see inside the hotel? PURO creates new quality; hence, we’ve resumed cooperation with Marta Szostek, a designer whose porcelain installations can be admired in PURO Poznań.

While designing a set of objects for the hotel’s interior, Marta was inspired by local materials and the history of Gdańsk – to a large extent connected with the history of Gdańsk Shipyard – the area where socially significant events were taking place. The events that shaped the local (and Polish) identity.



All the objects “stained with history” found within the shipyard’s area will become bases of utilitarian objects and sculptures exhibited in the hotel. The designer experiments with various kinds of materials: polished steel, glass, charcoal, plaster with quartz sand, rust, and all sorts of dyes.



What also proved inspirational in the creation process was the European Solidarity Centre - its interior and the building’s facade covered in rusty Corten steel.



We can’t wait to see the final effect and look forward to the opening of PURO Gdańsk!


Photos (except PURO Gdańsk interior): Marta Szostek




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