PURO Inspirations: LOUS. Back to the roots. Are you?

Martin Heidegger, a prominent German philosopher, once said that roots are hidden behind beginnings. The ROOTS collection by the Polish brand LOUS explores our system of “root growing”. Just like plants grow roots in order to live, people live in the context of their own history and environment.

What inspired LOUS designers in their exploration of the subject of identity was their fascination with plants. More specifically - the plants growing on our fields and meadows. These tiny bit forsaken flowers of magical qualities are the main actors in the latest ROOTS collection. And rightfully so! For, after all, nothing warms us up better than slender cottongrass (ERIOphorum gracile); nothing is as relaxing as lavender (IAVENdula angustifolia) and nothing fights toxin and sadness better than perforate St John's wort (HYPEricum perforatum).

Each item in the collection is named after a Latin plant name. It seems as if the character and quality of wild creepers were growing into the clothes’ structure and form. Inspired by sage (Latin name- Salvia), SALVI Dress seduces with its pleats and freshness. Lavender dress AVEN warms the body like the finest lavender oil. HYPE Coat has calming and protective qualities just like a therapeutic St John's wort brew.

By turning to the world of plants, we want the ROOTS collection to become the embodiment of their strength, especially in the times of special danger. Let’s start appreciating plants, their qualities and determination to survive. Let them inspire us to live

- says Sylwia Antoszkiewicz, the brand creative director.








Unique and full of subtle constructions accentuating the sensitive parts of a woman’s silhouette (cleavage, shoulders, wrists), ROOTS collection items corresponded beautifully in an exceptional photo shoot.

The visual campaign for the ROOTS collection tells a story of what lives inside each and every one of us. It may be known or unknown, tamed or untamed, but it’s inside us, waiting to be discovered. Living in harmony with nature is one of the most significant motifs in LOUS collections. By taking a deep breath in the silence of nature - be it in suburban grasslands, the sun or the wind – we can truly hear ourselves. And come back to the roots.

The brand has got a new ambassador - Malwina Wędzikowska, a visionary, stylist and photographer responsible for costumes in such TV productions as Dancing with the Stars, The Voice of Poland or Top Model.

"To me, the work on the Lous campaign was, in a way, a personal comeback to my own self, femininity, sensuousness, creativity, and intuition."

– says Malwina.




Iga Drobisz, the photographer of the campaign, despite her young age, has already worked with such magazines as L’Officiel, Marie Claire, Rolling Stone or Wysokie Obcasy. She’s been experimenting with photography since she was thirteen. This summer, her first exhibition had its premiere.  

I dreamt of cooperating with Iga for a long time. It was difficult for us to get our schedules together because Iga usually works abroad. And even though it took almost 4 years, it was worth it! – says Sylwia. The way Iga works with a model and light is a complete discovery to me. I’ve never seen this kind of a mutual exchange.

For Iga, working with LOUS also means going back to the roots. It’s her first campaign made in Poland.

LOUS. Back to the roots. Are you?







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