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At PURO we truly appreciate the sophisticated simplicity and quality. We also love plants, especially succulents! That’s why we are absolutely stunned by the latest collection of Polish fashion brand LOUS. The challenge Sylwia Antoszkiewicz, the brand creative director, put herself up to has borne beautiful fruit. The LIGHTS collection does nothing but illuminate the Polish fashion – and – women’s silhouettes.

On her quest for the contemporary, equivocal femininity, Antoszkiewicz drew inspiration from British actress Tilda Swinton – the muse of avant-garde artists referred to as the icon of ambiguity.

"In her speech “The Question of Lights” delivered at the Rothko Gallery in Texas, Tilda Swinton touches upon subjects related to life, art and cinematography, but also those concerned with the raising of kids or the role of a woman in the contemporary society. This excellent actress, whose original style has been recognized with copious awards, talks about getting to know the nature of the world and the light by sitting in the darkness. She also mentions the risk people have to take while stepping out of their comfort zones. I am the one who has taken that risk. In a way, I feel that I’m finally ready to trust my decisions. That’s why, in this season, still drawing on the unchangeable simplicity characteristic of LOUS, I opened myself to contrasting prints and bold structural sewing thanks to which women can wear elements of the LIGHTS collection in many different ways."



The LIGHTS collection tries to answer one question: what a woman needs to live in the contemporary urban jungle? Hence, LIGHTS is a multi-plot story whose characters are dresses, coats, tops and shorts. Also, for the first time in our brand history, one of the roles in our story is played by a loosely-cut suit made of dark blue silk and cotton.

"LOUS has its roots in simplicity and the Urban Zen philosophy, that is the feeling that everything around us influences the comfort of our life. In the process of designing LIGHTS I spent much time at home, surrounded with a vast collection of succulents I’d brought from numerous long- and short-distance journeys. At that moment I realized how much I appreciated this “home forest” and the soothing green of leaves. That’s how the idea of printing succulents was born. Not only did I create a print together with young Poznan-based artist Radek Janowski, but I was also inspired to create a concept for a photo shoot in a botanic garden in Powsin."



The LIGHTS collection campaign features model Milena Gawryluk, who has been working with ELLE and K MAG among others. "The atmosphere during the photo shoot was calm and quiet, but also contemplative. Everyone working on the shoot was glad for being able to go away from the hustle and bustle of the capital and immerse themselves in the green suburban jungle" says Magdalena Łuniewska, the campaign photographer.

Sylwia Antoszkiewicz explains:

“Light plays the main role in both the collection and the photo shoot. We could not exist without light. Photosynthesis would not be possible. Light, especially the one coming from the inside, inspires and motivates us. As Tilda Swinton underlined in her speech, a human being is innately fair, good, and filled with light. That’s what I want my latest collection to be."

The collection is based on variously arranged top quality textiles – wool, silk, cotton. When it comes to colors, apart from those characteristic of the brand, that is black, grey, and dark blue, the collection includes refreshing shades of salmon pink. We are captivated by crazy, salmon shorts! And, of course, by Radek Janowski’s floral prints.

If you are looking for light and a breath of freshness, you just have to visit LOUS official site. After all, following Tilda Swinton’s words, light is an axis central to every day, isn’t it?




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