PURO Inspirations: Milan, the city of senses

Milan, the world’s capital of design and high fashion, is a paradise for senses. Varied, historical architecture makes a perfect background for the play of smells, sounds and colors. The sensory theater enlivens every spring at the beginning of April -  the time when design enthusiasts, designers and artists gather in the Italian metropolis. Streets, art galleries and cafes overflow with lively conversations. An eclectic concerto for voices, cutlery and city noises is in full swing.

Sophisticated yet charmingly simple – the city resembles a fascinating story plot with its multiple layers and shades. City landscapes, still lifes, secret gardens. The smells of luxury perfumes, strong espresso, blooming shrubs, exhaust fumes and feverishly hot facades blend together and pervade the air.

Milan, enjoy!


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Photos: PURO Magazine





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