PURO MOOD... for Food: In vino veritas!

September is the beginning of the busy autumn. This the magical and colorful time. The time of harvest and also a time of feast. Vintage is a celebration of nature in the purest of forms. One of the simplest and oldest rituals in the history of mankind. And after hard work, when the grapes ferments quietly in barrels there comes a time for joyous celebration, which has not changed much since the days when the Etruscans sketched it on the walls of the Umbrian cave.



Wine is fascinating all year round, but next coming weeks are truly unique! This is the time when the fruits are transformed into the deep, sensual beverage.



In the vineyards of France, Spain and Italy gather experts and lovers of Bachus drink, to participate in a unique event which is the grape harvest. Different wine regions celebrate the season in accordance with the assigned to tradition, with verve and enthusiasm in French Burgundy, elegantly and stylish in Bordeaux. One can feel the autumn in the air. The view of undulating golden-purple rows of grapevines and mouth feels sweet and sharp taste of the juice. The atmosphere is full of anticipation and the term set by no means accidental. Determined by years of experience, is a key moment for each winemaker. The point at which the clusters are plucked and will go into the vats determines the quality of the final product for which we can wait a few weeks up to several years! It is up to the winemaker to decide whether we will consume wine fresh and young as beaujolais nouveau, or will it age in barrel or bottle. Any way, it will take some time before we had the opportunity to experience a bottle of tasty wine. For many growers it begins right now.



Vintage is also an opportunity to visit the historic winery and cellars where the wine is stored since centuries. To do this is no longer necessary trip to France, Spain, Italy or, even closer to the Hungry. We are witnessing the rebirth of Polish winemaking and numerous emerging small family vineyards. The traditional wine-growing regions are Lubusz Land, Lower Silesia, but also Lesser Poland and Subcarpathian Province. Polish wines are characterized by original taste, rich aroma and freshness and a growing group of fans.



Our Poznan restaurant NIFTY No. 20 boasts a selection of wines from local polish vineyards, winery Milosz and winery Kinga. They offer precious wine of the old varieties, cultivated in region since the sixteenth century.



The Ancient Latin proverb "in vino veritas" says that the truth lies in the wine. One way to learn the truth is tasting, which we invite you to our hotel's restaurants.


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