Shaken, not stirred so PURO Poznan is now open!

Recipe for a good start? Complementary menu: music, some surprises and a lot of distinguished guests. Locality, global trends, people and ideas - shake, do not stir, and a creative PURO cocktail is ready!

Such a composition officially opened the walls of PURO Hotel in Poznan. It’s a mixture of excellent proportions, not explosive, but leaving a nice, long-lasting buzz in the head and on the plate. 




"Hotel is not only a place to sleep, is above all a center of creative life. Space to relax, work and for inspiration. It is the perfect time to create such places in Poland. We are meeting with an amazing reception of PURO idea, with inspirational people who become our guests and friends. And it is all about that – to grow into the local tissue of the city, both architecturally and creatively - with the help of people, places and events. To be open to what is global - ideas, trends, lifestyle. This combination is a truly inspiring cocktail, which you can enjoy in PURO every single day." 

with these words, Rune Askevold, Managing Director of PURO Hotels welcomed guests from the stage .

What else happened? A few more official words and greetings were exchanged (by Hotel Director Hanna Beta), however, that evening in PURO was primarily about music: a performance of a well-known form X-factor show singer – John James, trumpet virtuosity presented by Mikael Malton, and relaxing saxophone sounds circulating in the space thanks to Grzegorz Piwoński supported by DJ HUGO. The music was accompanied by the sound of lively conversations in the lobby. Because, first and foremost the aim of the opening was to spend the evening freely and inspiringly.









Menu was prepared by NIFTY No. 20 Chef Jakub Ignys and accompanied by tasty conversations inside the restaurant, hotel lobby, on the terrace. Celery puree, hand-prepared meat, seafood, homemade cakes... dishes tailored perfectly to give maximum comfort and taste. Just like waiter’s service outfits - mint polo shirts in male version and beige quilted T-shirts for the fair sex, speak for themselves: rest, relax, you're at home, enjoy the moment.



What about surprises? ? Couple of premieres took place that evening during PURO soirée. First of all -PURO "goats" were presented on stage – a graphic interpretation of the iconic symbol of the city of Poznan. The effect is a 1OO percent PURO - minimalist, tasteful, and of course stripy.

"Drawing from the locality is the essence of PURO. And we reciprocate this relationship, working with local artists and designers, hosting in our walls creators associated with the Poznan festivals, such as the Transatlantic or Animator Festival. Jan A.P. Kaczmarek can no longer imagine a staying overnight somewhere else in Poznan, if not with us, " 

says Dawid Grausch, Brand Experience Manager.

And what about the look of the apartments, where such celebrities are stopping by? Guests could see it for themselves during a special tour around the Hotel. Impressive corridors in a deep, emerald shade of turquoise. Rooms arranged with consistency and meticulous attention to detail, will surely be appreciated by connoisseurs of art and design. Iconic furniture, artwork on the walls, and unique, glass bathrooms … PURO is simply the place to be! Even when cozy, homey space is waiting for you in the same city, just a 10-minute taxi ride ;)




As icing on the cake, but not of its size, latest model of Audi A7 Sportback appeared at the PURO opening. A real treat, because Poznan showing of this model was its premiere in Poland! A lucky one who won the lottery organized at the opening will benefit from both the charms of PURO Poznan this weekend and the latest Audi model! The partner of this event was the Audi dealer Krotoski - Cichy - big thank you for your help in fulfilling dreams.

Bubbles from the PURO Poznan opening are still buzzing - we look forward to another portion, which is next PURO event!







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