PURO Poznań: We support debuting designers!

How to make your debut unforgettable and appealing? How to interestingly present your works, gain clientele and efficiently negotiate? You can get answers to all of these questions during the second edition of Elementarz Projektanta”  conference devoted to entrepreneurship and practical aspects of a designer’s job. PURO Hotels eagerly gives support to this exceptional event! 



This year’s conference will take place in the area of Poznań International Fair. Waiting for us is the whole array of attractions! The first of them will be an exhibition entitled Debiut Projektanta” (Designer’s Debut)that opens on April 17 and will focus on the youngest generation of designers and their works. The events that will accompany the exhibition are, among others, portfolio displays and workshops to acquaint Poznań’s inhabitants with the designer’s profession. The best diplomas from the Faculty of Graphic Arts and Visual Communications at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań will be displayed at the exhibition. Its interactive form will provide visitors with a better understanding of the purpose of design diploma projects. What the organizers of the event want to achieve is to open the design environment to the broader audience. Hence, in the course of the exhibition designers will be present and ready to interact with visitors, who will have a chance to gain an insight into the process of project creation. Besides, there will be portfolio displays at the exhibition – chosen designers will have 10 minutes to present their artistic achievements.



Debuting designers will show their artistic skills to Poznań’s inhabitants. For two days, people of any age will have a chance to play illustrators and learn what the creation of a typeface or the art of calligraphy is about. There will be workshops for children, young people, and adults with a free entrance to all of them. However, advance reservation is necessary due to limited space. Do it by going to this website: www.debiutprojektanta.pl



Apart from the exhibition, there will also be a conference (April 18-19) focusing on entrepreneurship in design. Organizers will touch upon subjects crucial for young designers but rarely raised at universities. Among this year’s distinguished speakers will be  Syfon StudioMamastudioJacek Kłosiński and Jan Kallwejt. During the conference there will be the possibility to make connections and exchange experiences with other participants. After Saturday’s lectures everybody is invited to a party to talk and discuss things in a casual atmosphere. 


April 18-19, 2015 
Poznań International Fair
12 Bukowska Street, Poznań
Entrance through the gate on the right side
6A Hall
5-minute walk from Poznań Main Station.

The “Debiut Projektanta” exhibition
Specific information to be found here.
April 17-19, 2015

Opening exhibition and portfolio displays: April 17, 6 p.m.

Workshops: April 18-19

Nowa Gazownia
1 Ewangelicka Street


Saturday, 6A Hall, after the last lecture

Prepare yourselves to stay longer as you will have an opportunity to talk to your favorite speakers and have something to drink. There will be group discussions as well, so you will be able to socialize and share your opinions with others. The party will last until midnight.



For more information, please visit: www.elementarzprojektanta.pl





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