People and spaces create the essence of a city. Architecture, unusual places and objects, strange nooks, well-known paths, emotions, and memories. In our cycle we ask those who inspire us about their ways of creating and experiencing cities. Artists, designers, and creators of the contemporary urban world.


Łukasz Marcinkowski and Radek Berent* have created an exceptional place in Jeżyce – a part of the city of Poznań. The KWIATY&MIUT florist’s shop is a space where male imagination creates elegantly presented compositions seasoned with artistic vision. With love and out of love for flowers. A real balm not only to women’s hearts.




We experience the city…

Through everyday visits to a flower market. When we’re stuck in morning traffic and look at all the ill-considered projects under construction… When we eat dinner in the best Vietnamese restaurant on the Szamarzewskiego Street and when we attend to clients at our florist’s. We experience the city while doing ‘city errands’ in passing - it has its charm and sets the rhythm of our days.


When we want to meet people…

Everything takes place around a table. Breakfasts on Sundays, dinners in the city, evening suppers. We meet our friends at a table because we like eating good food in a nice atmosphere. At such moments, we do not talk about politics or religion but share our joys and concerns. Enjoying good food in a good company is our recipe for relaxation.



When we want to relax…

We leave the city to visit Łukasz’s parents or our friends who run the Polna Zdrój event house in Wleń. We relax while gardening or cooking together.



We find treasure…

We love the stores full of objects which can be brought back to life. We often step in the one on the Taczaka Street but, besides that, we love burrowing through pound shops and flea markets like the famous Stara Rzeźnia in Poznań where something beautiful can always be found in the flood of trash. The Internet can also be a real gold mine.


The tastes of the city…

“Kraszkebab” – shish kebab served on the Kraszewskiego Street – on a working day. “Lody Tradycyjne” (home-made ice cream) on a late summer evening; strawberries bought at Rynek the Jeżyce Market); coffee from McDonald’s on a way to a flower market.



Things we always carry with us are…

A lopper and a cell phone.


A must-have item in our suitcase…

Something to read is always a must-have; a notebook in case some splendid ideas come to our minds and a camera with 2 rolls of films giving us 72 frames to immortalize memories that will tell their stories after years to come.




*Łukasz Marcinkowski and Radek Berent, originators and founders of the KWIATY&MIUT florist’s shop, make an extraordinary duo that combines knowledge, experience, and, most of all, a unique artistic taste. Łukasz has been occupied with floristry for over 14 years now. He had started in high school, no wonder then, that for his first major he chose gardening and for the second - furniture design at the Academy of Fine Arts (yes, furniture in the florist’s has been designed by Łukasz himself!). Radek is a photographer, graphic designer and a visionary who searches for art in every, even the most utilitarian detail. He does not take short cuts, hence his true passion for creating the image of the florist’s shop. Have a look at Radek’s photographs here.


drawing: Agata Marszałek




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