POZNAN: Poland’s rich history of railroad graffiti comes to PURO Poznan

The rich heritage of train graffiti in Poland has evolved over the past century and a half; from simple chalk marks left by railroad workers to send messages to each other, to the contemporary vanity tags of today. Messages sent from city to city, from culture to culture, this feeling of transition and communication has now been brought to PURO.

Curators, Double Decker, scoured antique shops in search of intriguing items and came across a model intercity train, originally designed by Kenneth Grange (also creator of the London taxi). Chosen to symbolise a transition of ideas, Double Decker commissioned Polish illustrator Dominik Bulka to customize the train for PURO using an exciting contemporary graffiti style. The resulting artwork is playful and iconic - symbolising the international and transitional profile of this vibrant city.

Illustrator Dominik Bulka gave us his thoughts about the project:

1. What do you think about the medium of graffiti art?

I wrote my final paper on the subject in my academy. And I chose to write about Street Art altogether, so I can say I'm a fan. After a boom years ago I think that graffiti and street art still thrive in Poland. When you browse the Internet for Street Art images you will eventually find some Polish artists there. Also once I tried working with spray cans... And let me just tell you that this requires skills, skills which I do not possess. Come to think about it, maybe I should take a walk in my hometown and look for some walls I damaged with my tagging.

2. Was the train a good canvas for to express your illustrative style? How has it been to work on a small yet iconic intercity train designed by Kenneth Grange?

Oh, I would love it if someone would give me a real train to play around with for a month or two. And make this small project we’ve done into something scaring people at stations. I’ve never thought about train designs as works of art, about their designers. But maybe we should all pay more attention to the matter. We know names of some car designers, but trains... How about bikes, city trains or buses?



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