STRIPES: The Power of Pattern through the eyes of the world’s leading experts - Patternity.

In the words of unique pattern specialists, Patternity, let’s look 'at the smaller details to enhance an understanding of the bigger picture’. Finding intrigue and paths for innovation in the patterns found in everyday life by ’seeing pattern everywhere - from the mundane to the magnificent’, they are this weeks visual inspiration.

The worlds only company dedicated to exploring, researching and engaging the public with pattern, Patternity excited us with their beautiful visualizations, inspirational talks and collaborations and of course their many connected aesthetics to PURO Hotels. Reflecting the uniquely designed and curated PURO identity, Patternity seem, like us, to have a keen eye for black and white stripes. This can be seen in their film ‘Plastic Horse City Shapes Animation’, which will undoubtedly inspire you as much as us. 




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