Today is my birthday! PURO Krakow celebrates :)

The best way to start an autumn evening in Krakow is to visit Planty – the green belt, sparkling with gold and purple at this time of year, gently embraces the city and leads to unique places. One of these can be reached while crossing leisurely the park’s northern border– it’s PURO Hotel Kraków.



The first birthday is like a first kiss, first love or a first glass of champagne, awaited impatiently with trembling hands. PURO Hotel Krakow also experienced a slight tremble on the occasion of its first anniversary on 9 October.

The guests were welcomed with a glass of sparkling white wine with raspberries and delicate, relaxing music played by DJ Hugo. Comfortable, soft armchairs in soothing mustard fabric encouraged visitors to engage in chat. Delightful smells were wafting in the air around tables laden with food. Knick-knacks rummaged on a flea market nearby and folklore motifs of Cracovian cutouts discreetly braided into the interior design attracted everyone’s curious eyes. The touch of a talented interior designer’s hand is visible all around in PURO Krakow, where regional character bravely interconnects with timeless design. Yes, I want to stay here. I want to make myself comfortable in an armchair and, in a Cracovian way, indulge in endless conversations!




Before the official welcoming, frivolous fun in photo booth had reached its peak. It was possible to unexpectedly change one’s sex during the evening thanks to ingenious and humorous gadgets! Laughing women put tiny moustaches on sticks against their lips whereas men tried on full red lips and bikini tops. Moreover, guests could send coquettish messages to one another using speech balloons and take pictures using the so called ‘wine’ gadgets to illustrate wine’s flavor.  Needless to say that new visitors were coming all the time...



The Hotel Director, Marek Karyś, faithful to the dress code described in invitations as ‘everything’s fine as long as you feel comfortable wearing it’ welcomed present guests. He thanked everyone who contributed to the hotel’s creation and its flourishing development.

‘The Cracovian PURO Hotel was a real challenge for us.  We heard that ‘Cracovians” are specific people’ everywhere we went. Hence, we decided to subtly but distinctly refer to the Cracovian traditional salons in the hotel’s space. What we didn’t want was the next typically Cracovian interior, but the marriage of what’s well-known and regional with what’s high and contemporary.  We made it! Our guests feel at home in our hotel, oh sorry, they feel at a ‘Cracovian home’’

– said the host, brimming over with joy.



His short but funny speech, The Director finished by inviting guests to the tables laden with culinary pieces of art prepared by the chef – Michał Góra. The culinary virtuoso was speaking modestly about his dishes, even though the food he prepared, inspired by the Syrah wine variety presented during the event, was outstanding. The classics: duck confit, coq au vin, mutton shashliks, beef bourguignon, all aromatized with wine, represented it on plates with French chic. Dazzlingly served desserts were pleasure for the eyes as well: dark chocolate mousse sprinkled with pistachios, lime crème brûlée with papaya, and a French tart with caramel and red wine dipped plums. And if someone was on a way to a wine table, they could have a slice of Parmigiano-Reggiano, Bursztyn cheese that melts in the mouth, or fruity Rubin with a hint of herbal pepper. These kinds of cheese made perfect companions for the main hero of the evening – the red wine variety from The Rhône – Syrah.



The theme of the event was ‘Four seasons with wine – autumn’, so it comes as no surprise that the evening was abundant in wine! The view of a table full of wine glasses and bottles of Syrah wine from various parts of the world was pretty intriguing. Let alone trays filled with grapes, coffee beans, blueberries, blackberries and dried plums.  Sommeliers from the Merlot company, Eliza Kempińska and Adam Tomczak (who’s just become a Master Sommelier of the Western Poland) performed unusual wine tasting. Guests, while tasting wine, were thinking about its taste and aroma, referring to chosen fruit and spices.



A birthday without a cake? Impossible! Crowds had been waiting for that moment.  Accompanied by the bursts of laughter and noise of champagnes’ corks, the enormous black and white letter U was brought to the hall. It turned out to be a chocolate cream cake! No one was left without a birthday treat, although discreet waiters had difficulties in making their way through the cake-craving crowd.



A young, talented violonist – Ewelina Krupa appeared on scene next to DJ Hugo. Her red dress and futuristic electric violin drew the audience’s attention. Together, they performed the contemporary reworkings of Vivaldi’s compositions. Fruity scents of wine and sweets harmoniously permeated the air in the space of PURO, subtly merging with melodies of piquant sounds… What a night!


photo: Pan Borsuk






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