WROCLAW: PURO’s Edyta Barczuk on her secret passion for cooking and her intriguing blog, Frollino.

PURO prides itself on a delivering a great experience for its guests, which extends from the elegant and stylish rooms, to the food and drinks served in our unique restaurants. Our staff are a big part of making that happen, and are all intriguing people! Recently we sat down with Edyta Barczuk, Service Manager at PURO Wroclaw to find out more about her exciting cooking blog.

Tell us a bit about what Frollino is, why you started it and its relation to your work at PURO?

I'm the Service Manager at PURO Hotel, Wroclaw, the best hotel in Poland! I’ve worked at the hotel for three years. Everyday I meet people from all over the world and my goal is to meet their expectations.

I have adapted my daily duties for my passion. Cooking is the best you can do to relax after work and your dishes are the best things you can share with your family and friends.

I happily share my passion with all on my blog frollino.com. It is the space where I can brag about my new recipes and where you'll find creative, health minded ideas for food. My recipes tell a story about me, and the many hours I spent in the kitchen. If you visit my blog you will find out that good food is simple, fresh, seasonal and homemade. I'm inspired by seasonal products –they will always be more colorful and delicious. At my home there’s a lot of cookbooks and food magazines. I always like to take one of them on a journey.

See Edyta’s food blog here:



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